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large new york style pizza slice
The Best Place To Eat Pizza In LA. - Pizzaplanet X Webflow TemplateThe Best Place To Eat Pizza In LA. - Pizzaplanet X Webflow TemplateThe Best Place To Eat Pizza In LA. - Pizzaplanet X Webflow TemplateThe Best Place To Eat Pizza In LA. - Pizzaplanet X Webflow Template
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Satisfy Your Pizza Craving, New York Style!

Our New York style pizzas are sure to scratch your itch for pizza in a whole new way. Enjoy a large, foldable, on-the-go slice or get a whole 16" pie! Looking to change things up a bit? Bite into one of our mouthwatering Calzones, Stromboli, or Pasta Dishes!

What Is New York Style Pizza?

New York Style pizza is characterized by a large, hand-tossed thin crust, cut and served in wide slices. The crust is thick and crisp only along its edge, yet soft, thin, and pliable enough beneath its toppings to be folded in half for easy on-the-go eating–a necessity for the hustle and bustle of New York City life!

Choose Your Slice of New York

And just look at those prices... we're nice to your wallet, too!

a large cheese pizza

Cheese Pizza


a large pepperoni pizza

Pepperoni Pizza


large new york style pizza slice

Pepperoni Slice


a big italian stromboli

Big Italian Stromboli


bosco sticks

Bosco Sticks


a large pizza slice with a glass of soda next to it

Slice Combo


two large slices of pizza with a glass of soda next to it

2 Slice Combo


Who Are We?

We are Italian Village Pizza in Lansing MI, a franchise locally owned and operated by long-time pizza enthusiast Ryan. For over 20 years, Ryan has been hand-tossing, sauce-spreading, and cheese-sprinkling the best dish in the world, known as pizza. Ryan's love for pizza and his sincere joy of serving others has been fueling Italian Village Pizza inside the Lansing Mall since 2014. Known for our New York Style Pizza, Calzones, and Stromboli, we'll make sure that you walk away with a smile is as wide as our HUGE slices!

We'll Give You A Smile As Wide As Our Slices!

But don't take our word for it. Hear it straight from our faithful customers who come back time and again for another slice of New York!

a happy smiling man
“I order from here once a week!

"I get an extra large cheese pizza cut into huge New York style slices. I love being able to fold the slices into a sandwich and eat it like a true New York style slice. Best pizza in town."

Dominic M.

Google Review

a happy smiling woman with long dark hair
“It was so good!

“Believe it or not this pizza was more New York than I have had in a long time. I love thin, crispy and cheesy pizza!

Rina R.

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a happy smiling man with a beard
“A slice the size of my head

"I love the pizza here! Not only is it the tastiest pizza I have ever had but it is also a slice the size of my head and I love that."

Jeremiah E.

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a happy smiling woman with her hair in a bun
“The best place by far

"The employees are always pleasant and the pizza is soooo good, I also liked the Mac and cheese and I don’t even eat Mac and cheese. This is the best place to go by far to get a huge slice of pizza and a side of ranch."

Kiisa H.

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